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Hotels or apartments?, self catering or with meals plan?, Booking is easy and fun just choose the hotel or apartments in Lanzarote that best fills your needs, by price, or location, once you have found the right one, fill in the reservation form, they will ask you for a small deposit to guarantee the reservation, this deposit can be anything from the cost of the first night up to a 15% in advance, depending on the hotels policy. On arrival at your accommodation you pay the balance. If you prefer, call us and ask our based in Lanzarote agents to help you.

We truly believe that there is a Hotel or Apartments in Lanzarote for everybody, families, business men, disabled people and even pets have the right to enjoy their holidays in Lanzarote. With this in mind we have created a series of very specialized categories that fill all the different information needs these and many other groups may have.

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1.- Local Directory. Lanzarote-tour is created and run by residents of the island. This means you can CONTACT us if anything goes wrong with your reservation, and we will solve the problem on the spot. Lanzarote Assistence
2.- Security. Lanzarote-tour runs on its' own proprietary reservation booking program. This assures far greater SECURITY lock because YOUR PRIVATE DATA is on one server...(ours). It forwards your information directly (AND ONLY) to the hotel and uses OUR Secure Socket Layer Certificate, and NOT somebody else's. We believe that your private personal data should NOT be sent flying all over the internet to 'middle men' or 'intermediaries'.
3.- Economy. Lanzarote-tour does not require payment of 100% of your stay in advance. You pay only a small deposit (10-15% or 1 night) to hold your reservation NO MATTER HOW FAR IN ADVANCE YOU BOOK.

4.- Real Time Information. The hotels and Apartments in our directory have a control panel which allows the manager to update availability daily. This means our hotels and apartments do not have to depend on third parties to show up-to-the-minute room availability (before you even ask).

Lanzarote-tour means up to the minute information, much higher security and a great savings of time for both you and the hotelier. You can profit from our 7 years online securely and with confidence.

Lanzarote, Canary Island.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island, looking arid and desert, largely covered by lava fields caused by volcanic eruptions in the eighteenth century. Situated at a distance of only 130 km to the African coast (Cabo Juby) and 1,000 km to the Iberian Peninsula, Lanzarote is the most oriental of the Canary Islands. Taking in consideration all the small isles around it, its total surface amounts to 902 km2. It reaches approximately 58 km of longitude and 34,5 km of latitude.

Lanzarote is a gift of nature, without doubt it is paradise, The weather is wonderful year round, it has beautiful beaches, unforgetable landscapes and kind people, who have shown the world how to take care of its environment. Lanzarote is the perfect place to have memorable vacation.

The climate of Lanzarote is one of the main reasons to make it an attractive holiday destination. Why is it such a pleasant climate? It’s generated by the clash of the high temperatures arriving from the African Sahara Desert with the cold ocean current of the Gulf of Mexico. The presence of the ocean not only grants the island a soft humidity but also regulates its temperature reaching an average value of 21° in January and 28° in August. Considering an anual average precipitation of 140 mm and a water temperature between 17° and 22°, Lanzarote is a climatical paradise that allows its visitors to enjoy the summer throughout the whole year.

The tourism in the main economic activity of Lanzarote, which has developed and addressing a strategic and structured model that has managed to care and to keep the island, this model of tourism development is recognized worldwide. Lanzarote receives annually visits by about two million tourists mostly from Europe, being a preferred destination for British, Germans and lately Spanish residing in the Iberian Peninsula.

One of the pleasant differences in Lanzarote, when compared with the other Canary Islands or other destinations, is its tourist attractions offer, Lanzarote is not just an exclusive destination of sun and sand, here are places you must visit. The offer of tourist attractions of Lanzarote is based first on the Centers for Arts, Culture and Tourism, which are administered by the Cabildo of Lanzarote.

It is a set of sites that stand out as some of them natural, which have been decorated and adapted by the prominent artist from Lanzarote Cesar Manrique. At this web site we have put together the most prominent centers and tourist attractions, so for those who want to come to Lanzarote can be informed and if you have already been in Lanzarote, you will remember pleasant moments when you visited these places.

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Ralf Carlson. UK., With we found the hotels that we loved, the price was convenient and within the dates that we were able to travel. All was possible due to the hotels' availability and we were able to book every thing on line. Congratulations and thank you

Gerry O' Rourke, Ireland., This is the only place where reservations are held for months in advance, with just a small deposit and the balance is not due until check-in at the hotel. Perfect!

Ralf and Karen Hoehrmann. Germany., It sure does gives us peace of mind to know that you care enough to be upfront and honest in your dealings. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing the island for the first time. And I think you deserve high praise for the obviously well thought out system of booking you have devised and employ.

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